Engineering service industries make up one of the largest sectors of Technisoft’s Service Manager user base. These Maintenance-Repair-Operations (MRO) organizations are typically businesses that take a customer’s equipment asset, possibly providing a temporary replacement, and then servicing or repairing the faulty equipment if possible. Often there may be a quoting process and/or return authorizations involved somewhere in the workflow.

As a customer of engineering services, you need to know that your operations will not be adversely impacted by an inefficient or inept MRO. Procedures to maintain equipment should be routine and without ambiguity through the proper application of standards.

Preventative maintenance is essential to avoid unexpected disruptions to operations leading to unproductive plant and equipment. Effective maintenance can help to guarantee business profitability through seamless continuous operations of all equipment assets.

Technisoft Service Manager provides all the features needed by virtually every MRO to help ensure that technicians follow predefined standard tasks and activities to achieve a consistent and predictable servicing outcome. Through our Customer Portal add-on module, you can empower your customers to stay in the loop in every aspect of the workflow from quotation approval, progress monitoring, invoicing, and payment.

So whether you’re servicing pumps, rollers, motors, hydraulics, or just about anything which can wear out or break down, then Technisoft Service Manager is the one tool that you cannot do without.