Technisoft Discover

Technisoft Discover is an easy-to-use add-on module for the Sage 300cloud suite of accounting products. Discover allows you to create simple or complex custom queries from within your Sage 300cloud database. 

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Everything Discover

Whether you are looking for specific data or just key organization information, Discover will help you find and professionally present that data.

Discover is a Sage 300cloud web-based solution that improves visibility by accessing the most accurate information and displaying this in a multidimensional dashboard. Using the Sage 300cloud database, existing on-premise desktop users can also take advantage of Discover’s power.

Discover does not limit you to specific fixed queries or dashboards that are unrelated to your needs and opens a multitude of opportunities to better understand your business. Transform your data into meaningful information.

Flexible and Customizable


With a flexible and customizable query engine, mining data to find key metrics and information and then drilling down even further has never been easier. Discover supports all core Sage300cloud modules and includes a huge amount of out-of-the-box criteria for building queries.

With the added ability to export to PDF or Excel, send results to whoever needs them faster than ever before.


Save a Query and turn it into a Dashboard! It is as simple as counting 1-2-3.

Dashboards can be charts (Pie, Range, Column, or Line) with full control on the X and Y axis or a Grid with searching and grouping.

Want to see your top 10 customers or your Accounts Receivables by age, Accounts Payables by age, outstanding purchase orders, and jobs completed today? If the data is in the database, you can query it and create multiple dashboard tiles that relate to the information you need to see. Queries and dashboards can be saved so they can be deployed to others in the same team or workgroup to use as well.


With integration to Sage300cloud General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, Inventory Control, Purchase Orders, and Service Manager included when you purchase Discover, there are hundreds of queries and dashboards that can be created with almost no effort.


The Designer is included with Discover and can be used to create a query or dashboard that is not provided as standard.

You can quickly build a query or dashboard then export it and email it to share with other users. You simply import the query and it will be available for use.

Discover allows more than simply querying your data though. The Designer engine enables three (3) way integration between modules. This could enable features such as sending your query results to Batch process tools, reports, or email.

Using the Designer, create custom queries that extend the value of Discover even further!

Easy Installation and Simple to Use

Easy Installation/Simple To Use

Discover is easy to install and appears on the Sage300cloud Web screens desktop.

Not only will you be up and running in seconds but you will be creating your own queries and dashboards in literally minutes.


Fully customizable security ensures that users only see the data that they should see.

Because Discover is part of the Sage 300cloud desktop, full security authentication is maintained.

Licensing and Affordability

If you have multiple companies that require unique dashboards, you only need to purchase a single license. 


Discover has HTML Online support or login to the Technisoft Website to view instructional videos.

Discover - a simple to use query and dashboard tool that provides a multidimensional view of your data in grid or dashboard output.