Advanced Scheduling

With live integration to field technicians, Advanced Scheduling is a powerful scheduling tool for managing technician utilization capacity. Supports calendar and timeline views, maps, routing, alerts, printing, and emailing dispatch notifications.

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An integrated view of your operations

Advanced Scheduling is an add-on module for Technisoft Service Manager that allows you to visually organize and control the day-to-day activities of your employees, equipment, and sub-contractors.

Using an enhanced calendar version of appointment management, you can easily schedule jobs and then manage the time and materials for those jobs.

Live integration with field technicians allows you to see what all employees and sub-contractors are doing at every time of the day. Monitor the progress of jobs in real-time as engineers or technicians complete work, change the status of the job, book time to the job, write notes, or complete tasks and activities.

Advanced Scheduling fully integrates with the Sage 300 accounting system and the Service Manager document system to help you simplify time, item, and service related invoicing and costing.

Multiple ways to view scheduling data


Create, modify, move, split or delete appointments with just a few mouse clicks. You can also set recurring appointments to take place at the same time with the same resource.

Easily schedule a new appointment for a job for any active resource by simply selecting a block of time.
Editing existing appointments is easy by merely dragging the appointment to a new time or a new resource.
Rescheduling in bulk is made effortless by selecting multiple appointments and moving them in one go.

Instantly dispatch jobs to mobile devices by simply dragging and dropping entries.
Find an appropriate technician by the time available, skill, workgroup, or utilization capacity.
Print work orders, schedules, routes, and maps directly from Advanced Scheduling.


Advanced Scheduling’s views can be modified to display information in many different forms. Views include:

  • Calendar - comprises of day, week, month, and timeline calendar views in which individual appointments can be created and managed. The summary calendar allows resource utilization to be clearly illustrated.
  • Job List - shows a Gantt-style chart displaying the timing and progress of the job.
  • Job Query – list jobs based on a wide range of directly selected criteria including dates, status, priority, site, skills, and exceptions.
  • Routing – see where your resources are on the ground and view the geographic location of all jobs scheduled on a daily basis, as well as directions to travel between those jobs using maps technology.

Enhance productivity with an intelligent interface

Numerous menus and toolbars displayed within each view of Advanced Scheduling provide many shortcuts and filter options.

  • Windows can automatically hide, be pinned in place, relocated, or float.
  • The many filters, information windows, and toolbar buttons help to clear the clutter and extract or highlight relevant data. Using filters makes scheduling appointments easy by dragging them directly from the filter to create appointments.
  • Color appointments by status, priority, job, dispatch state, zone, or Service Center.
  • Shortcuts to Service Manager’s Document Entry program have been included so you can readily create a new job or easily refer to an existing job.
  • Use the recorder functionality to start and stop actual travel or onsite time entries for retrieval to the job.

Custom queries and options

Unlimited custom queries provide almost limitless ways to find information about jobs and other documents.

Options allow you to control the overall style and layout as well as default settings and behavior.


Security settings from within Service Manager control which users can access Advanced Scheduling and what permissions are assigned to them.