Service Manager

Technisoft’s multi-award-winning software solution, Service Manager, can streamline your business processes, reduce overheads, monitor profitability, increase productivity, and most importantly, improve customer satisfaction. And it’s all fully integrated with the Sage 300 accounting suite, providing true accountability from a central point.

Technisoft’s Service and Maintenance software makes the complex task of managing plant, infrastructure, and field technicians easy. It is designed to meet the unique needs of asset-based service organizations and has the rich functionality required to help simplify job-cost management, preventative maintenance, and general equipment servicing. It can also manage all aspects of Service Level Agreements, Return Merchandise Authorizations, quoting, and invoicing.

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Key features of Service Manager

  • Manage job costing, preventative maintenance, resource scheduling, field service, and general equipment servicing
  • Equipment history, transfers, warranty, rental, serial, and lot tracking
  • Standard and WIP accounting
  • Profit analysis
  • General, recurring, and consolidated invoicing
  • Fully scalable (Employee and Service Centres)
  • Issue parts, services, travel, and contractor services
  • Time entry, labor tracking, and resource utilization
  • Billable and non-billable time
  • Tasks and activity checklists
  • Purchase orders, requisitions, authorization workflow
  • Returns, refurbishments, rotations
  • Service, meter, and warranty agreements
  • Multi-currency

Manage job costing

Equipment maintenance is about job costing, resource planning, inventory control, maintenance scheduling, and customer invoicing. Job costing involves the accumulation of the costs of materials, labor, and overhead for a specific job, thereby allowing you to determine the profitability of the servicing work performed by your organization. Service Manager’s Document Entry program is the primary source of all job-related revenue and expenses. Service Manager also offers flexible job costing functionality so that businesses can accurately plan for seasonal activity or project-based work.

Real time activity

Service Manager enables you to track all equipment-related maintenance activities in real-time. For example, Service Manager enables technicians to access and update customer information from anywhere in the field as well as from any Internet-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet using Field Portal.

Add-On modules

Service Manager is a software solution for tracking and managing all types of equipment. Through Add-On modules functionality is enhanced to include resource scheduling and mobile field services.

  • Advanced Maintenance – Schedule predictive or preventative maintenance
  • Advanced Scheduling – Book appointments and dispatch field technicians to jobs and record time.
  • Field Portal – Connects your field technicians with head office
  • Customer Portal – Customer self-service portal
  • Purchasing – Create, edit and monitor requisitions or purchase orders from within a Job
  • Serialized Inventory – Select serial numbers from a table that were entered at the point of purchase order receipt
  • Service Centers - external branch or internal division or department requirements

Maximize your business profitability and overall customer satisfaction

Technisoft Service Manager is an invaluable tool to help businesses streamline their workflows, optimize their resources, reduce waste, track all revenue and costs, and strive for total customer satisfaction – by those customers internal to their business or out in the open market. It is a solution fit for over 3,700 of the approximate 6,800 USA Standard Industrial Codes. Technisoft Service Manager provides great opportunities for Sage Solution Partners wishing to expand their customer base.

Integrates seamlessly with Sage 300

Technisoft Service Manager extends the power of the Sage 300 accounting platform to provide fully integrated operational service maintenance functionality.
The Service Manager Program Suite provides a range of applications that will allow you to access your Sage 300 ERP and Service Manager data from just about anywhere; desktop or through the cloud. Being tightly integrated with Sage 300 you’ll be able to maximize service planning and delivery, while at the same time having a clear view of your total financial picture.
This fully integrated service management solution gives companies a 360-degree view of their employees and customers, including all aspects of servicing, job costing, and equipment management.

One solution for all your resource scheduling, equipment management, job costing and preventive maintenance needs

Our Service Manager solution helps organizations to better manage their customer service and equipment maintenance activities through the full lifecycle of their products and services. With Service Manager, you can increase revenue, reduce costs and streamline operations by providing equipment management, service scheduling, and job costing all in one solution. It is an essential tool for expanding service organizations that want to roll all of their business processes into one fully integrated solution.